In ICM Synthesis, I learnt to use Arduino to control my p5js pattern. By rotating the potentiometer, user can control the slider and then control the transparency of the pattern instead of clicking the mouse.

After the first test, I tried to use the photocell to control the project.


synthesis4 synthesis1 synthesis5 synthesis3

About Synthesis:
Working in team did help both of us to fix many small problems. And user testing in the last 15 minutes gave us a lot of ideas and inspirations to improve our works.

However, the first 30 minutes of introduction was really confusing. Since there were about 100 students there, many of us were either very far away from the screen or trying to watch the screen from a very bad view. It was hard to hear and see clearly. The only info I got was the website and then I just follow the website and asking help from residents or teachers. Maybe next time there can be a live screen share so that everyone can follow more easily.

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