Until now, I spent most of my life living in cities. Beijing is my favourite city, even though many people complain about its terrible air pollution problem, its heavy traffic, its high prices, and etc. I love it not just because it is a big city. Shanghai is also a big city but I never like it. The culture of the cities are different.

In Beijing, different zones have history, some are modern style and some have been existing for hundreds of years. Same as New York City. The architectures of different ages created different culture in one city and then mixed together, which is really interesting to me.

So for the final, I want to explore the real city space and translate stories there to abstract objects or patterns in digital world, probably using Three.js, and give people some freedom to play with it a little bit.

About the building ages in NYC, I found a map about it using open data. The Exact Age of Almost Every Building in NYC, in One Map

About the abstract pattern that audience may control, I think these basic examples in Three.js are interesting.  Maybe I can build some 3d model according to the building history in NYC and import it to Three.js and use them as particles, or use particles to form them.


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