Human beings have been always trying to build straight lines and rules to help ourselves understand the world better. As a typical industrial product, robots follow the rules, acting in a “digital” way. But the nature is analog, there’s no sharp edge and straight lines in there. So for the early XYZ idea, I want to build a robot that is making analog things through an XYZ digital system.

The verb

My robot mixes. It mixes chemical reagent by adding them with dropper and making beautiful chemical reactions.

So there will be multiple glasses on the bed with different chemical reagent in them. The system will be given a rule or maybe a picture to follow. According to the rule or the picture, the robot will pick one of the reagent in different quantity. So different chemical component and scale will lead to different color, which will create a organic beautiful painting.

Potential problems & Worries
  • Safety  –Since there’s going to be a lot of chemical reaction, the reagents need to be carefully chosen to avoid possible safety problems.
  • How to control the dropper –There need to be a robot hand to control the dropper to pick and drop liquid. So how to control the quantity of the liquid it get and drop will be a difficulty.

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