Possibilities, probabilities are important to Oracle deck and the art of cleromancy. In fact, they are coincidences that we are trying to make it meaningful. When I tried the tarrot for the first time, I noticed that I remember more about those cards that I think are so real, and tend to ignore the cards that are not that meaningful. Then I felt that it is so true. In fact, if there are only 2 cards, yes or no in one deck, then this must be the most meaningless deck. People are born to find order and make things meaningful. 

Then I think about the Amazon recommendation. Recently, I signed up a new account and I found I got very different recommendation like I am a different person.

Th older me

The younger me

Then I feel that this is a oracle telling made by Amazon for an invisible digital object based on my digital behaviour. That is not me, it’s just a digital reflexive of me on the Internet. So I’m thinking to have a program randomly create multiple digital “me”s, randomly browse different items and place different orders. Then the already-existed oracle teller Amazon deck will give “me” recommendations with 480 million cards in its deck (Amazon is selling 480 millions items).

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