This week, I tried using 2 different tools created 2 ‘ME’s.

Hexatar Avatar

First I used Hexatar which is 2d and more cartoon style. Here’s the result I got:

screen record:

What I like about Hexatar is it has it’s own style and more bright color choices than other 2d tools. I can find better color for my skin than Mii which we used in class. Also when you add hat on the head, the hair will also change which is interesting. And I like how you can change the background.

The problems I found is:

  • Like most other tools, it asks you to choose either male or female which may lead to some uncomfortable feelings.
  • Hair style choices are too few.
  • you can’t do more adjustments like face size or move anything up or down, smaller or bigger.
Fuse Avatar

The sad thing is, Fuse quits when I just finished my avatar and I can’t get it back anymore. Fortunately I still have the screen record.

What I like:

  • A lot of freedom to adjust the whole body, even the back side of the head.
  • You can just click on the body and move it with your mouse which is a faster way


  • I wish it could highlight the body parts or auto focus the body part I’m editing when I click the option. Sometimes you have to try a lot of different perspective to see the changes.
  • Too few clothing, hair choices and they are outdated.
  • Only has options to change the shape of nose, eyes, and mouth. There are also very different types of them but you can’t change.
  • No mole option
  • Almost no glasses.(they are all sunglasses)

At first I was going to try Second Life because it looks very Halloween style. But the all customize process is too confusing. I still don’t know how to make changes to my avatar and now it just stuck there. 🙁

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