My sentences:

Aunt Dan and Lemon is about facing the real human nature.

Aunt Dan and Lemon is about how human could be cruel and devil which is hard for most of us to face.

Aunt Dan and Lemon is story about this young girl Lemon’s memory about Aunt Dan and influenced by her to see the world’s darker side. Aunt Dan often came and visit ed Lemon’s family until Lemon’s eleventh summer. She always had the different views on Kissinger than Lemon’s mother and in the evening told Lemon stories and how people refuse to face who they are actually not brilliant or good. Then after that, Lemon sometimes went to London visiting Aunt Dan and saw her the last time when she’s really sick. From Aunt Dan, Lemon realized that there’s not just good side of people and Nazis are not unique. They just well used people’s dark side nature and we have to admit it’s hidden inside all of us.

Fuch’s questions:

What does the space look like? It is a space of Lemon’s memory. It starts and ends in London and the main part is Lemon’s childhood bedroom. It is a space keeps changing light to highlight the main characters.

Time It’s more like being taken by Lemon’s mind.

Climate It also keeps changing among memories. The main part happening in the bedroom is summer.

Mood It’s in memory. The mood is a little sensitive and dark.

Sound It’s a quiet play. Most time is character’s voice telling the story. But sometimes it still needs different music for different moods for some of the memories.


  • Lemon is the character staying there the whole time. Other characters only show when there’s light on them.
  • They appear with light.
  • To me the figures in each scene is more like a group but Aunt Dan will be the figure that keeps a little distance from others.
  • Lemon is logically telling the stories and ideas and Aunt Dan is less calm than Lemon and more emotional.


  • The first scene is like quickly going through some memory pieces while Lemon is drinking alone. The last scene goes back to Lemon speaking to the audience and drinking alone.
  • Scene keeps changing so mood, climate also changes according to that. Color should also be different.

What doesn’t change? Lemon the story teller



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