Concept sentences

Hedwig and the Angry Inch is about self identity.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch is about seeking the real self and love and accepting who you really are.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch is the life story of a genderqueer singer, Hedwig, who was Hansel Schmidt, born in East German, where she thought she met her “origin of love”, an American Army. She moved to America with him but then got divorced soon. When she kept seeking her rock dream, she met another boy Tommy, who later left her with her work. In this whole play, characters struggled all the time seeking and trying to accept who they really are with their broken soul in different countries, genders, jobs, and etc.

Fuch’s questions

What does the space look like?  Most time it’s inside. There are furnitures and being moved by characters. It’s a very rock and roll space with lights on and off. The space is also punk feeling and kind of dark.

Time The play goes across a long time period, from Hedwig’s childhood to middle age. It’s linear and should be marked by something like characters’ dress style and clues on objects in the scenes to show time goes.

Climate The weather changes dramatically in the play to work with character’s life and feeling, like rollercoaster. But most time it’s cloudy.

Mood The mood also changed a lot with lots of up and downs. The whole process is about a broken soul trying very hard to fix it.

Sound Lots of rock

Characters Characters appear and disappear by moving on and away from the stage and also with the help of the light. They fight a lot on this planet and most of the speeches are strongly subjective. The power on this planet is relatively even though Hedwig at first was weak and being led by other people all the time.


  • The mood at the beginning is brighter, like a kid curious about the future with good hopes. Then the mood just kept going down with different dramas. Hedwig’s heart kept being broken and broken. And then in the end the mood starts to be more peaceful.
  • The environment changes from East German to American, from isolated to open and loud, from common people to music industry. So language change from German to American English, space has more color and louder voices, the way how people communicate is more straight forward.
  • The first image is Yitzhak introducing Hedwig and Hedwig start to singing individually. The last scene is Hedwig leaves with a broken eye in the back of the stage and Yitzhak and the band sing together.

What doesn’t change?

In the whole play, Hedwig is a broken soul. She’s born as broken. I think the broken the eye is what connects the whole play.



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