This week I work with Chester and we did 2 experiments.

RollerCoaster Tycoon3

It’s a game that you can build your own park.

Chapter One: Golden stairs

We hacked one of the parks that I built in the game, trying to change the landscape by firing all the janitors and change visitors’ name as “Make Me Sick” to get people vomit. Then the whole streets becoming golden streets and golden.


Chapter Two: Hit and Cheers

Then we try to get people dance with a crazy car touching people with the spinning wheels.


Chapter Three: Animal Dance

Then we hit people to get them into the zoo and from the info it says they are fleeing from the giraffe but it looks like they are dancing all the time.

In this game we tried so hard to find each other and dance. In the end, we ended the dance in the most romantic way which is trying to eat each other like zombie movies.

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