PROJECT 1 Albert



PROJECT 2 Quora-China

This is the official description of Quora:

Quora – A place to share knowledge and better understand the world.

Every day, I got email from Quora of questions of China and see questions like “Why didn’t God send a message to China?” , “Chinese people always asked others apologize, did they ever apologize to anyone?” and “How can Chinese people have different sleeping habit?”. I concluded the questions and what people want to see. Please enjoy 🙂

First I changed the questions and surprisingly found they worked pretty well with the answers:

Then I changed answers too:



var questions = document.querySelectorAll('span .rendered_qtext');

for (i=0; i<questions.length; i++){ 
 var num = Math.floor((Math.random() * 4) + 1);
 if(num==1){ questions[i].textContent = "How do Chinese have different habbit and backwards ideas?"; }
 if(num==2){ questions[i].textContent = "Why don't Chinese people hate China? And why didn't the world/God save them and Hong Kong?"; }
 if(num==3){ questions[i].textContent = "Do Chinese ever feel shamed?"; }
 if(num==4){ questions[i].textContent = "How are Chinese girls"; }

var users = document.querySelectorAll('.user');
for (i=0; i<users.length; i++){ users[i].textContent = "Liar"; }

var answers = document.querySelectorAll('.ui_qtext_rendered_qtext');
for (i=0; i<answers.length; i++){ answers[i].textContent = "I think I can answer this."; }


PROJECT 3 – Amazon-the Best Day

It doesn’t matter what you buy, it only matters that you SAVE MONEY! Here I offers you the best day!


for (i=0; i<imgs.length; i++){ 
 var num = Math.floor((Math.random() * 3) + 1);
 if(num==1){ imgs[i].setAttribute("src", ""); }
 if(num==2){ imgs[i].setAttribute("src", ""); }
 if(num==3){ imgs[i].setAttribute("src", ""); }

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